#MikedUp E72: Helping Families Pay off $6M in Debt With Nonprofit Architect Travis Johnson

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Travis is an active-duty officer in the United States Navy; former Vice President of Books by Vets; a board member at the S.H.I.N.E. foundation. He’s put in 1,500 volunteer hours, raising over $500k as a fundraiser; provided seed money for 6 startup nonprofits. He’s also an event coordinator and published author.

Dedicating 15 years of service to help 400 families payoff $6 million dollars in debt…he’s made it his mission to “Help the Helpers”.

Travis has relocated an unbelievable FIFTY times…36 of them happened before graduating high school; he was in and out of foster homes as a child…survived 2 murder attempts, and is now blessed with a beautiful wife and two children.

I’m honored to have him sit still long enough to record this interview.

Welcome to the show, host of The NonProfit Architect, Travis Johnson!

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