Move WordPress site from subdirectory to Root – quick guide 2018

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Move/transfer your WordPress site from subdomain/subfolder to root directory. But moving WordPress site installation to a new domain as many freshers don’t know how to migrate wp from subdomain to root domain.

Changing wp directory to root directory is very easy.

So, let’s see how to migrate WP installation from folder to root directory.

WordPress is very easy to install however sometimes fresher’s end up installing WordPress in a subdirectory instead of the root directory of their website, e.g. instead of

If you accidentally installed WordPress in a subdirectory and now want to move WordPress installation to a root directory, then first take backup of your WordPress site.

Watch the following video to know how to take backup of your WordPress site.

How to Backup Full WordPress Site via Plugin – 3 Step Process

Follow the instructions below as we guide you on how to move WordPress from localhost to server

Following steps helps you to move WordPress site from subdirectory to root
1] Login your WordPress dashboard.

2] In setting section click on general setting.

3] In the general setting section we have to make changes in WordPress Address URL and Site Address URL.

4] Remove WP folder name from both URL, to transfer WP directory to the main domain.

5] Click on save changes.

6] Now login into your cPanel.

7] In file section Click on file manager and select Public_html folder then click on it.

8] In public_html you can see the WP folder. Select all the files in WP
folder and move them into the Main folder that is public_html.

9] Files are move successfully.

In this way, you can easily move WordPress from the sub folder to root folder.

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    Once you move your website to the root folder can you still access the dashboard/admin side the same way?

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    Posted at 11:50h, 22 April

    Thank you for your video! I have a question. Currently, all of my WP files are in public_html folder as shown in file manager. I'd like to organize my files and I'd like to change the name of public_html folder to something else. Can I simply change the name of the folder in file manager without harming my website, or are there other steps involved? Thank you again.

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    My subdirectory uses another database than the root. Will this be an issue?

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    Are these files are over written when moving files from Sub directory to root directory? because root directory already contains old website data … please help me out….

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    Thanks for a very easy to follow tutorial

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    I followed the steps exactly and was thrilled, but now
    elementor doesn't work on any of my pages except the home. It says all pages are not found. Any advice ?

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    thank you for the video, will the move effect seo rating?