Murphy's Medical Minute-Will Krispy Kreme Kill COVID19? COVID19 vaccines and Side Effects.

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Today Doctor Murphy reviews the Krispy Kreme offer of a donut for a vaccine! On weight loss Wednesdays Dr Murphy reviews the best diet for weight loss and the best diet to defeat hunger. Dr Murphy reviews why he chose the $JNJ Janssen J&J vaccine to protect him against the B.1.526 NYC Variant. It doers not appear AstraZeneca will protect against the South African Variant. Dr. Murphy suggest why it also may not protect from COVID19 in New York City. Politicians have limited Data. That Data makes it seem like they don’t know what is going on…..Thats because Data is Garbage in Garbage out. Lastly he reviews the risk of obesity with COVID19.

CDC data on Johnson and Johnson COVID 19 Vaccine

J&J COVID 19 vaccine side effects:

NYC Variant B.1.526:

Krispy Kreme and Bleacher Report:

Safest Donuts to Eat:

Looking for COVID19 testing or Long COVID Care?

Doctor Murphy

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