Cosio55 , Mexico – Dont even waste your time! – They charge you almost 15 days before your account expires without even telling you and they charge you more than 125% of what you paid initially, and they dont even let you get into your account 2 days before your account expires so you cant download your content or databases or do anything with it!

Best to watch on the highest quality, if you click in the corner of the screen… on the little COG…
I wish it would play the clearer versions automatically. pah. – optimization.

I’ve decided that, a Picture which you just “look at” and doesn’t necessarily need any writing, discussion or a full film… literally can be a very short animation, literally a few seconds…. essentially it is just ” a picture” and can be enjoyed just the same as a still image. Therefore I think rather than submit content to XR, I will just host my own XR art myself. Which is free to use, borrow, edit, adapt, inspire, whatever.

bentcop . biz

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