NashJS – December 2020 – Taking Your App Live: The Basics of App Hosting in the Cloud

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Taking Your App Live: The Basics of App Hosting in the Cloud

Ready to get your app off your laptop and hosted for the world to see?

Come learn the basics of app hosting in the cloud with a live demo from the Nashville team that built the Uffizzi App Platform!

We’ll cover:
What is the Cloud – data centers, servers, and virtualization?
How do users reach my app – Load Balancers, IPs, DNS, and HTTPS?
How does all this fit together – Git repos, CI/CD, Docker and K8s?

We’ll demo:
Deploying an app to the cloud!

Grayson Adkins is the Head of Product for Uffizzi. Uffizzi is a fast growing Nashville-based cloud application platform that makes it easy to build, manage, and deploy your application in the cloud.

Uffizzi is working in conjunction with Docker to simplify cloud based app hosting – and will be featured on Docker’s Live Show on Dec 10


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