New 2019 MacBook Pro Hands-On Review for Video Editing and Graphic Design

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Has the Macbook Pro made a glorious return to save the day for designers? ►►► Check the specs and pricing of the 2019 MBP below…

⏩ 2019 Macbook Pro i9 Model
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⏩ 2019 Macbook Pro with the Vego 20 GPU (Bad to the Bone Model!)
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From video editing to graphic design is the new Macbook Pro 2019 a good fit for graphic designers?

Historically the MacBook Pro has been the premier laptop for graphic designers and video editors. There was not a laptop that could touch the Apple line up for many years. But in the mid-2010s, we found a lag in Apple’s diligence to equip the MacBook Pro with better hardware to continue to improve its performance. This left me as a graphic designer severely disappointed and at a loss for the best laptop for graphic design.

In 2017 they began to make some substantial strides to increase the performance of their machines, but I must say I was still not fully satisfied with the improvements. The GPU was weak, the keyboard was littered with recalls and dissatisfied customers… needless to say, they had not redeemed themselves.

This year I can finally say with confidence that the new MacBook Pro is qualified for graphic designers, video editors, and motion designers once again!

In this video, I am going to run some head to head tests, talk about the revisions/differences with these two laptops, and help you come to a qualified buying decision for your perfect graphic design laptop.

Benchmarks results:

2019 MacBook Pro
Export 4k to 4k – 5:39
Export 4k to 1080p – 1:50
2GB Raw to Jpg – 10.7

Processor: i9 9th Gen 8-Core
GPU: Radeon Pro 560X 4GB
Hard Drive: 512GB SSD

If you are a graphic designer and you may think you will dabble in the areas of video editing and motion design or you are a dedicated video editor than the 2019 Macbook Pro is an excellent buy. It clearly outranks its predecessors in numerous ways.


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