New Ransomware Attack: High Impact, Low Sophistication

Caren , Surrey, UK – shocking! dont ever purchase this hosting – Just host used to be a very good reliable friendly helpful hosting company. in the last 12 months all this has gone down and got worse and worse. The emails keep going down, regularly, you can’t get hold of ‘billing’ unless its in working hours in the USA (we in the UK so very unhelpful) They dont understand english e.g.: me: I have no email and can’t reset my password as the email doesnt work #Justhost: sorry I can’t help you without a valid password me: I can’t reset it as I the emails are down Them: (sends me a link on their website to reset password via email being sent to me) me: this is useless as I dont have email! them: you will have to do this through the cpanel me: I dont have access to the cpanel as I can’t get in without the password them: you can do this with the billing team, but they not available for 4 hours me: wow great solution! No emails, no access to cpanel, no support. Great!

Join Kody for a new attack demonstration that shows exactly how a low-skill hacker can use free tools to execute a high-impact extortion technique that captures sensitive data and encrypts files on your network. A weak Wi-Fi password is all an attacker needs to infiltrate a network and launch a ransomware attack. See first-hand how an attacker gains remote access through Wi-Fi, steals confidential company information, and encrypts all data on an FTP server.


    Posted at 10:01h, 15 April


  • Mano Billi
    Posted at 18:16h, 16 April

    Asslam O Alikum, i am from pakistan, i have a lot of intrest in hacking but i dont know about hacking

  • Zeus P2p
    Posted at 02:25h, 17 April

    Hey kody this is awesome i like it the way you do it , hi space ,very informative video.