Notion VS Trello | Which is Better in 2020?! (Pros & Cons Compared)

In the jaws of the gator – I did not select #hostgator, the company I hired to build my new website did. #hostgator is run like a small, third world country government. Their “support staff” are merely script-driven droids who parrottinsane company policy and are powerless to exercise common sense. Company policy dictates what they can do and more importantly, what they cannot do. After 88 minutes on the phone with one oif these pinheads I was done. Common sense is not common enough and virtually nonexistent at #hostgator. They are devoid of problem-solvers and will admit “…they cannot help you…” on the phone. I would never have chosen this company myself and will be moving my websites from #hostgator out of necessity. I need a hosting company that doesn’t cripple my businesses by burying me in stuff Matador’s walk on. Andrew

In today’s video we go in-depth and look at which productivity app is better. Notion or Trello? We take a look at trello and compare it to the notion app listing pros and cons of each. Which one will you take?

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  • Danny Hatcher
    Posted at 16:19h, 08 May

    Hi nice video.
    A preface is that I am much more familiar with Notion to Trello.

    I would agree that Trello is more user friendly to start with. I have everything in Notion from note-taking, life planning to work, business and learning. There is certainly a learning curve to Notion but if you either get a template or create your own it can be much more powerful than Trello from my understanding of the 2 apps.

    Would love to chat with you further about this 😁