One on One: Dane Boe Show & Annoying Orange Edition

#asmallorange George Boussoulas – I have been with ASO for more than a year. Everything was great, support was excellent, until this week. Our site got hacked. The hacker apparently triggered a high cpu load and ASO disabled all scripts on our site, so basically our site was returning a 403. Shortly after that as I set about changing passwords etc. my public_html folder was emptied. At that point I started getting on the chat every hour in order to see what had happened. Support insisted that it wasn’t in their hands anymore since I was in violation of the t&c’s about cpu usage and that there is no way to contact them, except through the ticket! 48 hours (and still offline) I get the first reply, telling me to check the scripts in question, although I didn’t have a site anymore. By that time, I had also begun asking for a backup. My cpanel had 2 which were corrupt. They insisted they had bu’s from almost every day up to the incident but support couldn’t provide it, it had to be given to me by the restore dep’t. No way to contact them either, I was on an ‘escalated queue’! I have now been offline for 4 days, I can’t even put an under maintenance page up and they will not admit they have no back ups and they will not even tell what has happened. We are talking about an eshop with 300 products. All I have, and I hope it works, is a bu of the db! So, don’t trust anyone! Download your backups.

SourceFed’s Handsome host Joe Bereta sat down with kitchen king of Annoying Orange, Mr. Dane Boe. Insanity ensued and a small orange guest rolled by for a few puns…

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Or premiering on Cartoon Network June 11th, 7:30/8:30pm central.

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