Online Community Stories: From an events business to a subscription business

Anastasia – Awful Tech Support – Their customer support is awful. Firstly, they rarely understand what you are trying to talk to them about, and almost never fix your issues. I asked them to contact my hosting provider for another website, as I was getting e-mails forwarded from #Justhost e-mails to this other hosting provider, which caused in constant bounce backs. I just wanted for them to simply contact the other provider, gave them all the details, but they said it is not their policy to do so. And this is only one of the occasions where I have received next to no assistance. My advise – pay more, but get proper hosting provider, you will save yourself a lot of headache.

Transforming a conference business to a global community founded on membership

Mind the Product is the world’s largest community of passionate product people brought together through community, membership, content, events and training. 

The journey started small in 2010 with a meetup in London with just 25 people in the back room of a pub. Today they have grown to over 150,000 members across meetups in 200+ cities around the world and annual Mind the Product events in Hamburg, London, Manchester, San Francisco, and Singapore, plus digital conferences reaching the community worldwide.

What makes this community so interesting to learn from? Their business model transformation through the pandemic into a membership model, their product-led development process and a lot of learnings along the way.

We will cover themes like:

* The business transformation process from conference to membership model 
* The value of your community = your user interactions
* 10 years of content and connections, why now?
* Cutting corners and the big lessons learnt from doing so
* Surviving 2020 – practicing what you preach – building your own subscription product
* MeetUps, supporting and helping your community to run them in their cities??
* The value of meetups as the early stages in your buying journey

00:00 Intro
02:36 – How local meet ups have grown the community – now in 208 cities
03:15 – The approach in starting the first meet up
04:58 – Taking MTP to america and the immediate success
06:18 – What made MTP events successful? Market gap? Great content? Th curation?
07:38 – Putting big digital corporates in the same room as innovative start ups was key
09:15 – How MTP price their community events vs conferences
11:37 – How the pandemic had an effect
13:26 – Pivoting to a membership model during the pandemic
15:57 – The research behind creating their MVP
16:54 – How valuable their stack ranking exercise proved to be for discounts and pricing
20:31 – Membership and pricing advise
22:48 – What access do you have of the 200,000 members?
23:50 – What does MTP’s funnel look like?
25:38 – Why MTP pay their keynote speakers
28:16 – Tier one membership offering and self serve training
29:38 – How the leadership tier came about
31:31 – Monthly vs annual membership fees
33:08 – Diving into self serve training + using customer insight + data
37:38 – How sponsorship fits into the MTP model
41:46 – Going back to physical events and contingency planning
44:47 – Has your marketing changed during the pandemic?
45:46 – Top learnings from growing the MTP community
48:31 – Tech debt is not a bad thing
51:02 – How team skills changed with the pandemic
53:00 – The single biggest impact from the pandemic

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