Overview of the Interface for 90 Second Website Builder

Annoyed customer – What a scam – I bought this hosting, and they were advertising it for $3 a month, I paid yearly and it initially cost $36 a year. The next year they charged me $120 for that year, and said that their prices had risen. They didn’t inform me of this, and their website still says exactly the same price on it. Not only are they outright lying, but they lost all my data and backups, and their excuse for not keeping any backups themselves is they don’t keep backups if your site is over 100GB.

http://90secondwebsitebuilder.com Overview of the Version 11 Interface

Greg Hughes

  • Data Expunged
    Posted at 14:30h, 22 July

    got bored of working on the website, sorry I haven't responed to the emails! However, it is a very well made website maker. Thanks! By the way im charlie.

  • Best TV
    Posted at 16:11h, 08 September

    hi mr greg thanks for this video its so helpfull i want to ask you : i have download new fonts from net and i have used in my web site this fonts are not Google fonts so please telle me the correct setting to do . what i mus choose from this setting : Automatically use @font-face for non-websafe fonts. or Manually specify @font-face fonts or Use Google Fonts for non web-safe fonts . i repeat i have used no Google fonts thank you and please aswer me