Part 1: Lecture 4/Module 4 – COMETSA DJs/Broadcasters Dev Programme

Gary69 , Australia – Terrible Keep Away – I hold a reseller account and for a year now have had nothing but trouble, I click on CPanel and get redirected to the “adddons” page, I try to access my account directly through CPanel and get rejected I ask for tech help and get no help whatsoever, its been 3 months since the last complaint I started about his and I only get replies like “there are no problems” “its your computer that has problems” yet when I explain to them that I get the same issues no matter what computer I use they keep blaming my end instead of looking at there end. Tech help is useless. NEVER use this host. Nothing but problem after problem.


Module 4 of COMETSA DJs/Broadcasters Development Programme entails; Conduct 6 – Facilitation, Conduct 7 – Affirmation & Motivation, and Conduct 8 – Lead Conversations. Bonus Topics: Business Tolerations (What are you putting up with?), The Action/Priority Matrix (Productivity Exercise), Personal SWOT Analysis (Maximise Your Potential), Personal Weakness Zapper, and Reclaim Your Energy at Work. The Lecture took place via Zoom on Wednesday, the 27th January 2021, at 18h00 – 21h00 (SAST)

Sam Tsima

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