Part 2: Why I am returning the Orange cr60c combo Amps

#asmallorange Michael Evans – Customers Antagonized With Generic Messages – If you are thinking of writing a blog, I recommend ignoring all of the promotions sent to you by A Small Orange. Promotions from this company imply that payment to them is necessary to register the domain needed to write a blog. It is not necessary to register a domain with A Small Orange to write a new blog. My recent experience with A Small Orange has been filled with exasperating frustration. This company automatically charged my bank account to renew my domain registration without advising me until the transaction had be processed and posted to my account. When I cancelled the domain registration account within the required time period, the company refused to refund the renewal charge. The Terms of Service posted to the A Small Orange web site state that the company will bill their renewal fee, “up to 15 days prior to your renewal date.” The invoice billing my renewal is dated 20 days prior to my renewal date. The Terms of Service state that the domain registration account must be cancelled, “at least 48 hours prior to the renewal date.” It states that if the customer does not cancel during this time period, the customer will be billed for the renewal and is responsible to pay the renewal charge. I cancelled my account 3 days prior to the renewal date. The Terms of Service require the customer to contact its billing department by email if there is an error made by A Small Orange in their billing. When I attempted to email the billing department, my message received only an automatic generic message directing me to the company’s web pages for customer support and the chat page. The two days I attempted to connect to these web pages they were not functioning. The $65.00 renewal fee taken from my bank account pays A Small Orange, a year in advance, for use of a domain that is cancelled and not in use. The $65.00 collected by the company amounts to a donation from a customer who will receive no service in return for the money paid.

When I read through the Terms of Service for all of the services offered by A Small Orange the general message becomes clear. The proprietors of the company, Garret Noling and Mohsin Kamal, designed and operate A Small Orange so that it will exploit a popular social trend, mislead and confuse the prospective customer, promote a service fee as necessary when it is not, collect as much money as possible, and perform absolutely no customer support for domain registration customers.
The proprietors of the web site even boldly and arrogantly state in the last sentence of paragraph 6.7 of their Terms of Service, “ In addition, A Small Orange reserves the right to refuse a refund at any time for any or no reason.” (The underline is mine.) You can register a domain with other web hosting services such as for a much lower fee. You can write a blog without the frustration of associating with companies like A Small Orange. & presents the conclusion to Part 2: the truth about the Orange cr60c with host guitarist Denis Taaffe. Denis explains why he is returning the Orange cr60c.

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