dsn addresses when I initially started my service with them (not by choice it was a glitch in their system). Since then I have had my websites become suspended 4 times in less than 6 months because each time I call them they inform me that the the canceled (extra- or mistake that #hostgator created when I initially joined them) was causing issues with the active package. Each time they inform me it will be corrected and now after the 4th time of this happening, I have been hung up on 4 times, wasted over 2 hours on the phone and told that I have to fix the problem and that there is nothing that they can do or will do to keep me as a satisfied customer…Their customer service is horrible, I will not recommend their service to anyone! TAYO REED, GA, www.PartyBandsUSA.net

👉 Vídeo Completo: https://youtu.be/PrEmKDwoGRU



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