Rackspace Email Plus Product Demo

Customer-UK – horrible service – I hold an account with #Justhost and I wanted to renew my account. For the last 3 days I called them and emailed them with no luck. They transferred me to billings, renewals, technical team and back finding different excuses to delay the process and force me to pay an outrageous renewal invoice. Once they get you in the loop, they ask for some unconsiderable renewal prices and are terribly unhelpful on the phone. If you want to talk to a supervisor, they are not available. I have never experienced such a bad customer service. I would rather find a different domain and host provider than stay with them.

Introducing Rackspace Email Plus!

Rackspace Technology

  • Jeff Truthan
    Posted at 17:32h, 21 June

    Please contrast this with a desktop backup to the cloud and auto synchronization solution. Does Rackspace offer this yet, or does the Rackspace Cloud Drive accomplish this? Is greater than 30GB storage possible? Is there any file deduplication involved? Can the 25 GB Rackspace Email limit be increased for one specific account?

  • Alistair McElwee
    Posted at 18:39h, 13 July

    Looks interesting but a few questions:
    What happened to "bullet 3"? (Min 11:25). Didn't you add that to your cloud demo folder and then say "My changes are all saved". Then you looked at the previous version but did not apparently save it. When you looked at it on the desktop version you showed the previous version (without bullet 3) rather than the last saved version. You could lose a lot of editing if looking at a previous version makes it the default version over your devices/users.
    Also, does it save only in docx format or can you save as a PDF (from your web version)?
    Finally, when you required admin password for certain features on the desktop – did that just refer to that particular computer's admin password – or did it mean your accounts admin password (which I'm not giving to regular users!)?

  • Frederick Admin
    Posted at 17:31h, 30 July

    Can you create shared files for your business that everyone in your domain can access?

  • Josephine Giaimo
    Posted at 02:36h, 13 January

    What about some videos for end users?