Restore WordPress from Backup – Even if you can't access WP

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Let me show you how to restore WordPress from backup. This will work even if you can’t access WP.

I will show how to do theme and plugins restore in file manager. Also we will restore WordPress database.

You will need access to your cPanel and you will need to have backup files for this to work. Here is how you can backup WordPress:

If you don’t have any backups and your WordPress website has crashed. Try troubleshooting your issues by checking this video:

So you can restore manually any parts of the site as long as you have all the required files backed up. In my example I updated themes file, however you could just swap the whole wp-content folder.

My website setup & recommendations:
My website:
If you want to install SSL:


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    hello bro i got a problem in my Woocommerce site,
    that is when a new customer tries to register in my site with email, then they not getting any verification email they getting only a link of my store first time.
    after pressing again on "RESEND VERIFICATION MAIL" then they getting the account verification link mail.

    why the verification mail is not receiving at the first attempt???????
    please tell me the solution of this issue

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    My website say not working ip address not found please help me

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    My site has crashed after a WordPress update wasn't successful. when I type domain name/cpanel nothing comes up. Any help?

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    What if my database size is more than the max upload limit (250mb)

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    @tipswithpunch bro i did same like you did but i did on my localhost server, the problem i am facing is that i cannot choose any of the files from my wp_contents the reason is that whenever i am trying to choose any file from this folder in myphpadmin it says , "'this file does not exist in engine."
    Can you help me with this. I am very beginner to wordpress and does not know much about it. I am struggling and trying to fix this issue from last 2 days and now i got your video. I was on the verge of my emotional breakdown then i got a hope after coming to this channel.

    please help me my situation is getting worse . Please reply this post and help me in getting out of this trouble.

    Bruh you are my last hope you are the only one who can save me .
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    OMG I followed your instructions, after deleted wp-content I am now confusing how to upload the file, By clicking select file the option is in my computer desktop. where will I find the file to upload?You did not say to download first the files from wp-content.OMG!!! I am excited thought it could fix my site but now become worst

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    I have recently updated my website to 5.5.1 and now it is showing this message;

    There has been a critical error on your website.
    Learn more about debugging in wordpress

    and i even don't have the backup of my file…
    can you help me with this?

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    Brother I have problem..pls help me if u can when am restoring my wordpress website through spotaculous. Everything is backing up apart database file …plss help me …am using infinityfree host ..with less packs..pls help me

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