Round Breakfast Table Made from Salvaged Pine | How to Cut a Perfect Circle with a Router

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I’ve had a metal table base in my storeroom for a while. I decided to make a new top for it out of pine lumber. To cut a perfect circle out of wood I made a circle cutting jig for my router.

Dailey Woodworks

  • Gnarlet
    Posted at 01:17h, 02 August

    Texas in July is a good band you should check them out.

  • Chris McDowell | CMR Woodworks
    Posted at 02:13h, 02 August

    Nice job on the top. The table looks great!

  • Berrin Yavuzer
    Posted at 03:57h, 06 December

    This is I'm looking for but wood legs πŸ™‚ Great job πŸ™‚

  • testticklehead
    Posted at 05:53h, 24 April

    Hey man nice video and table. As for the bottom wood piece you attached and asked about wood glue………as long as it is attached solidly and there isn't any wobble with that piece you should be ok without wood glue. Personally I would add wood glue to make sure its super solid and not going to move.

  • Vivienne Irvine
    Posted at 21:07h, 05 September

    Very nice Robert. You got there in the end.

  • Alan Dwillis
    Posted at 01:21h, 19 September

    Don't glue the underside mounting plate. The table needs to be able to move.

  • solo99o
    Posted at 08:20h, 19 March

    what router tip did you use? and is it better than using a jigsaw?

  • Romelia Darosa
    Posted at 23:02h, 15 April

    Great to see that Woodprix has new instructions to save my money and energy to build it.

  • Romaine Athey
    Posted at 18:25h, 25 April

    I was made it too. just used Woodprix instructions. just click the pig on that website :)))

  • Steve Rochon
    Posted at 11:15h, 06 June

    First, the table is beautiful! I would not glue down the base that runs perpendicularly to the field of boards in the top, as that would hind the wood's seasonal movement. I might also take the precaution of drilling expansion holes for the screws to fit in for the same reason. My question for you is if you've encountered any problems in the nearly two years since this build with support for the outer course of boards. I'm doing a similar top, but I worry that someone leaning on that outer course might apply enough downward pressure to create failure in a joint that is only edge glued and biscuits. Did you encounter any problems? Nice work!!!

  • Duca Schoenberg
    Posted at 03:24h, 28 July

    I bought instruction from Woodprix and I build it very very cheap.

  • Romana Angersbach
    Posted at 00:55h, 13 September

    Great to see that… I made it too. Using Woodprix handbooks πŸ™‚

  • Sneaky Black Dog
    Posted at 01:42h, 16 September

    you made that woodgrain pop, Nice job

  • Doyle Metzinger
    Posted at 13:12h, 27 January

    You can use wood prix instructions to build it yourself guys.