[Second Life]Introducing OSGrid the free Second Life

Sarah , Canada prettygrafik.com – Just host sucks – we renewed our ssl certificate 20 days ago, due to a checkout mistake, we had to contact customer service to adjust to the proper ssl certificate for the renewal. The customer service agent proceeded to the refund and processing of the renewel request for our ssl certificate. However, the pending request to cancel and reactivate to ssl renewal transaction created a code error at Just host and the agent had to open a Higher tech support ticket to resolve the issue and proceed with the proper renewal. This was 18 days ago. Now multiple tickets have been created and after countless attempts to get answers from #Justhost, Just host is unable to tell us when our ticket will be answered or when the issue will be fixed. In the meantime, our e-commerce site remains without an ssl certificate and unable to confirm security to our customers, leading us to loose thousands of dollars every week. Just Host cannot confirm what the issue is or when it will possibly be resolved.

Feel free to share this video we need people to connect to OSGrid its amazing what u can do there just host ur own server, install OSGrid’s Version of Opesim and ur done for it or just enjoy other’s there work
Install Instructions(Client):
1. Download Firestorm from https://firestormviewer.org
2. install it and select OSGrid
3. click create accound to create a accound
4. Fill out the forum,check the i am 18 years and older box and click the button on the bottom the page
5. click on the link in ur email and be sure to click login
6. make a password then click save and close the page
7. login using ur brand new accound and BE SURE YOU GOT OSGRID SELECTED
8. ask for items ingame most people give them and 99% ARE FREE 😀


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