Setting Up Business Email with Godaddy & Hostgator

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There are several ways that you can set up and manage your business email and it really all depends on which service you prefer. The below information shows you the different ways to set up your email through either Hostgator or Godaddy.
After you have forwarded your nameservers from godaddy to hostgator, your emails will be accessible through your hostgator account. To set up your email accounts in hostgator, login to your cPanel. Under the Mail section in the center of your cPanel click on “Email Accounts.” You can then follow the simple instructions on setting up your new email account. Simply enter your desired username, password (twice) and then click on Create Account.
Access Your Hostgator Emails:
In order to access your hostgator emails, you will need to login to your cPanel, click on Email Accounts, Right click on “More” and then click “Access Webmail” You will then choose which type of email program you would like to view emails in. Viewing emails in Hostgator seems to be a bit more complex and not user friendly, which is why we recommend setting up your email accounts with Godaddy.
Once you have forwarded your nameservers to hostgator, you will need to transfer your MX Records back to godaddy in order to access your emails with godaddy. To do this, please login to your Hostgator cPanel. Once logged in scroll down to the Mail section in the middle of the page and click on the MX Entry Button. Select the domain name which you want to forward, then go to the bottom on the page and delete all entries under MX Records.
How To Add New Records:
To forward your email server back to godaddy for any of your domains, enter the following under Add New Record:
Priority: 0
Then Click Add New Record
NEXT Enter the following New Record:
Priority: 10
Then Click Add New Record
After you have entered both records, your email server will then forward all emails back to godaddy.
Set Up Your Email Accounts On Godaddy:
After you have forwarded your MX Records back to godaddy, you will then need to log back into your godaddy account. Once logged in, click on My Account. On the right hand side column, click on “Email”. You should receive an email address with each domain name that you purchase and you will want to click on the “Use Credit” button in the yellow box at the top of the screen. On the right hand side your domain name(s) will display. Click on the domain you wish to add emails to and then click “Continue.” Next, click on “Manage Account” in the center of the page. You will then see all of your available email accounts. To add a new account click on the yellow Add button on the right side of the page. Then enter your username @ your domain name and your password. If you already have another email account which your would like your mail to be forwarded to, click on the Advanced tab. You will then be able to send all emails as a CC to other email accounts. If you would like this email sent to multiple people, simply input all email accounts separated by a comma. Once finished click on OK.



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