Sharing Files and Audio In Memberships

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Adding File Downloads and Audio Playlists to Memberships
Kirk: Okay. Heather says, “Afternoon everyone.” Good afternoon, Heather. “So, I am trying to add audio to my site. I have it stored in Dropbox as an MP3 file. And, when I use the audio playlist button and try to add it, I get an error that there is a server problem or that the format is not supported. What could I possibly be doing wrong? It seems pretty simple.”
Elliot: Okay. So, if you’re using an audio playlist button in the membership sites, aren’t you supposed to upload a file? If you’re using a link somehow, the problem with the link, for one, I thought you were supposed to upload the file. If you’re not supposed to, if there is now an option for using a URL instead, then the problem there is that Dropbox has its own player.
When you’re linking to a Dropbox URL you’re not linking to the file, you’re linking to their download page. Which means that if you’re trying to embed an audio file using our audio playlist option then it’s not gonna be able to embed the whole page. It’s taking that link and it sees an entire webpage instead of just the MP3 link.
So, you can’t host it on Dropbox for that reason if you’re trying to link to it directly. Same thing with-
Craig: You want me to show it?
Elliot: Yeah, yeah.
Craig: Okay.
Elliot: You got it?
Craig: I’m working on it.
Elliot: Okay.
Craig: Keep talking.
Elliot: Same thing with the video files, for example. So, if you’re using some sort of video player and you want to link to a direct video in the video player, it would have to be a direct link to an MP4 file. You cannot link to it via Dropbox or something like Wistia because those use their own players. And, we can’t … Our system isn’t going to be able to dig in and find the original source to pull out.
Something like Vimeo or YouTube, they have embed codes that work with our system. And so, you can just paste those links directly. But, something like Dropbox doesn’t work as well because it’s designed as a download page, not a player page. It’s got its own “containers” and everything that we can’t use.
So yeah. I would recommend looking for another place to host that. Or, just host the MP3 file with us, honestly.
Kirk: Yeah. Just download it. Download the MP3 files to the computer and then when you add that playlist in Kartra then it will ask you to upload the MP3 files. And you can just upload those files directly and then it will play them.
Craig: Yeah. The other thing that you can do is you can use the files area in the memberships and then in there you can drop your files in. And then, that way you know that they’re always there in that centralized place.
I heard that we might be coming up with like a folder or something like that in the future.
Elliot: Like a management system of some sort?
Craig: That would be really cool.
Elliot: That would be nice.
Craig: I don’t know if that’s gonna happen-
Elliot: You can categorize the files now.
Craig: Oh, okay. Maybe that’s what it was.
Elliot: That is a huge improvement. So, you can add a category per file. And, if you do upload it directly to the membership site, to the actual, when you’re in the membership site builder, it will add that file to your files area. It will automatically add it there as well.
Craig: Oh, that’s right. Yeah. Good.
Elliot: Yeah. So, definitely a lot of options there available for adding those kinds of files to your membership site.
Craig: Right. All right. I’m almost done here.
Elliot: Okay.
Craig: I’m just uploading some files to the membership area as an example.
Elliot: Well, we do have another membership question next.

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