Shiny Object Syndrome – Do This 1 Thing Every Time Instead

Emails don’t work – I’m just an ordinary user and found that my emails were getting kicked back by spam filters. It’s taken me months to figure out what’s going on, I thought my email was hacked or there was a mistake, but turned out its #hostgator. This has been happening since December, it’s now February, apparently they’re awarded of the problem but haven’t fixed it. Their attitude is lackadaisical and I’ve no idea what I’m paying them for. Richard, Hartford, CT

Why is everyone talking about Shiny Object Syndrome? In this video I tell you how it affected me and the 1 thing I did to overcome it.

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Absolutely everyone who is starting their own business will become a victim of this, but why? Well, this is because people are always looking for the best opportunity, that next best thing that is going to give them all the answers they have been searching for.

The problem with shiny object syndrome is right in the name, and I don’t want to thrash this one to death because everyone is talking about it, but to put it to bed finally, it is when you are not focusing on how to get from A to B.

You are all over the place, and with this type of approach you will spread yourself too thin and never get any real level of success.
I want to help you out here because this used to be me, until I started to learn from others how to beat this and how to remain focused.

People who are successful at anything do not lack focus, they are laser focused at the job at hand. You need to have a series of task lists for the week, so each day you know what lies ahead. Then you can measure success at the end of every week instead of looking back thinking….what have I been doing this week….what did I achieve?

Shiny object syndrome will stop you in your tracks because there will always be someone offering up some clickbait to get eyes on their products or next best tactic. Stick to your plan, listen to me, and take action. Thank me later 😊

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