Shop Talk 32: A Journey to Success w/Sean Boyle of Momentum 360

TheFrog , Florida, USA – Run Away! – I own hundreds of sites and host some more for my clients. For some reason, I had the stupid idea to sign up with those people (can’t call them a hosting company) and host a couple of sites on their servers. That was the worst decision I could ever have made and the worst two weeks of hosting I have ever had. As everybody else said: servers going down, no reliable tech support, canned answers, rude answers, you name it, if it’s bad they do it. Don’t even stay away from them, run away, as fast as you can! PS: I chose a 1 star rating because it’s the lowest. Would have chosen -10 if it had been a choice!

From graduating college to being a Managing Partner of Momentum 360, Sean Boyle hit the ground running. Join Amir as he hosts Sean to learn how he started his 3D capture business from leveraging his business skills to running a thriving company all within three years. From scanning residential real estate to restaurants and even schools, Sean will explain how he helped expand the Momentum 360 business.

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The 3D media platform that makes it easy for anyone to create interactive 3D walkthroughs and photography of any real-world place. Discover our solutions for real estate, construction, architecture, insurance claims adjusting, virtual staging, and beyond.

• State-of-the-Art Real Estate Photography: The best way to market real estate is with our complete, dimensionally accurate 3D walkthroughs. Don’t worry – you still get all your traditional assets! Unlimited HDR photography, floor plans, video, and more – right from a single 3D shoot.
• Construction Documentation: Seamlessly communicate milestones and approvals between field and office, and keep a cutting-edge 3D record of your job sites.
• Insurance Adjusting: Move faster and create more accurate estimates with a complete 3D property walkthrough that actually saves you time and money.
• Rental Management: Picture-perfect move-in and move-out, and start advertising and filling units before they’re vacant.

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