#Shorts 6 – Assigning your domain to a website using Bluehost Hosting platform

#bluehost — Unscrupulous and Deceitful people. Tried to bill my credit card for a service I did not subscribe to, without my authorization, and without my knowledge. Threatened to interrupt my web-based business. Billing department is unfriendly. Intolerable behaviour from a service provider. Moving my domain today. Recommend that potential customers be highly suspicious of #bluehost.

#Shorts After buying your domain using the Bluehost platform, you need to assign this domain to a website in order to be able to gain access to your WordPress dashboard. See in less than a minute the step by step to finish the process of assigning your domain to your hosting and your website! I recommend using the Bluehost Hosting platform as it is super beginner friendly! Check the links below!

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