Should you learn C# and ASP.Net for 2020

Worst Customer Service of any company I have ever dealt with – If you have a problem they will submit a ticket, the tickets are first come first serve and there is no priority to problems. If your server has been down for a week or more they don’t care about your problem they dont want to hear it. I had 6 servers with these guys for the last 6 years and i have just canceled all of them. I am done with this terrible company. Alexandra

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Telmo Sampaio

  • creative girl
    Posted at 19:47h, 02 September

    First to hit that like button 🙂

  • k
    Posted at 20:06h, 02 September

    I asked this , thanks

  • Thomas Rogers
    Posted at 20:19h, 02 September

    I'm learning it now for my new job 👌😂

  • HumbleDev
    Posted at 20:19h, 02 September

    Thanks Telmo!

  • Mateus Ramos Ferreira
    Posted at 20:42h, 02 September

    Sharing my experience, in my opinion I do not recommend, these kind of companies really pay well, but not worth it due to the pressure and the products and markets that these companies operate, do not motivate you, my internship was precisely in a large company that developed for the insurance market, it was pressure all the time, my managers had no time to answer my questions and help with my doubts, but they were all the time on my feet charging deadlines that they had miscalculated themselves and ended up left for subordinates, there was a bullying culture where each level was bullying the employee below, me and other interns were always bully in and out of the company, even at our lunch break where the interns had lunch at the mall with some juniors and few mid developers. The mid developers were bullied from seniors who bully in juniors and so on, we always had that feeling of being just one more, and that's what happened, they finally sent me away after 9 months of internship, a week later I received a proposal and was hired by a small agency as a junior front end developer to work with react, I accepted the challenge, I'm there for 6 months now, earning less, but learning a lot, being valued and working on cool projects that motivate me, and I know that in the future I can get a high payed react job, the guy who gave me the opportunity it's mentoring me.

  • Captain Alpha
    Posted at 22:27h, 02 September

    Teeeeeelmooooo, without your videos, my life is useless for real! Thanks a lot 😊👍

  • jelenko0
    Posted at 19:23h, 03 September

    great video Telmo. C# and ASP.NET is truly not easy for a self taught dev with no CS college classes before. Here where I live companies that use ASP.NET are not all large and corporate, I went on couple of interviews for .NET position with small companies with only 4-6 developers. Also with .NET get ready for some legacy code. You did't mention .NET Core which is getting more and more popular. Anyways like you said there are a lot of jobs with .NET and it is really in demand. Keep up the good work Telmo! Love your videos like this one where you summarize a language

  • Dazzle Daze
    Posted at 19:42h, 03 September

    I think their is a big distinction between ASP and .NETCore