Should you try orange or natural wines?

#asmallorange David Williams – I was an A Small Orange (ASO) customer for over 7 years. Originally, they were very good, however, once sold to a parent company their service deteriorated quickly. Over Christmas of 2015 I had 4 days of downtime without a single response from support. They did post that they were having troubles and were full of apologies, but 4 days of outage is relatively unheard of in hosting circles. However, despite these issues I kept my VPS and a few shared servers with ASO. I hoped it was a one-off occurrence and that it would be an isolated issue. Over the next few months I would have periodic downtime as measured by a monitoring service; support requests would be file and the average response time was a few hours. Live chat is relatively quick to respond, quick to apologize, but very slow to help. From my experiences I don’t think they’re very tech savvy; just offshore people kept on-hand to provice the illusion of support. Every issue I had for the past six months always needed to be “escalated”, which takes half a day or more. This past week I had to cancel all my services with them when my VPS went offline for 5 days. We noticed the server offline within 30 minutes and placed multiple support requests. All requests were ignored for 5 days. Live chat finally responded and for another 36 hours gave me the run around. Empty promises and excuses about “having a high volume of support requests”. After 6 days of the VPS server being completely unresponsive and offline we had to urgently move all our websites to a different hosting company and cancel our services with ASO. Please, save yourself a lot of headaches and grief and avoid this company at all costs. I can honestly say that the experience has been the worst business ordeal in my twenty years plus of dealing with online properties.

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