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month. IT NEVER WORKED. – I could not access CPanel and they asked me to verify myself by sending my credit card scan my photo ID – They asked me to explain why I signed up from one place and my registered address is another – The took 2 days, to get a reply “we have activated your account, it might take 5-10 minutes”, guess what, they did not do it. – Took me another 24 hours and still nothing, I called them (45 minute queue on the phone), they activated my account – I uploaded the website, couldn’t even get a single test HTML file to work at all. The chat support agent who couldn’t figure out whats wrong and logged a ticket for me – The ticket totally got abandoned for 2 days – I called and they suggest cancelling the account and recreate it – They said cancelling may take 72 hours, they will charge me for recreating it before considering refund request I HAVE HAD ENOUGH ! Sweekrith

inta ka bilaaw 👉
ama booqo

Sida loo helo Free domain hal sano ah iyo webhosting

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