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Fleeing #Justhost , California – Scammed – I hosted with them for a year, then decided that I wasn’t thrilled with what I was getting for the price. So I just renewed my domain, but not my hosting agreement. Guess what? Paying $20 for a domain renewal + DNS privacy doesn’t allow you to actually USE your domain, because they won’t give you domain name service if you’re not hosting with them. If you want to USE it, you either have to pay a third party to do name service for you ($30/yr., and a PITA), or else you have to pay to transfer it to a different registrar, i.e. pay to leave. I feel scammed, having been sold something which cannot be used as customers would expect to use it. I can’t recommend them.

Microsoft Forms intelligent design will help you to create a professional and elegant survey with few clicks. You can send the survey to others to fill from anywhere at anytime. Forms will help interpret data with insights for you to better make business decisions. You can enjoy Forms from your familiar apps via Forms integration into Microsoft Excel, SharePoint, Teams, and Outlook. Microsoft Forms is enterprise-ready for commercial customers and will offer more enterprise features in the near future.

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