Sneaker giveaway "Nike Dunk Low Orange Blaze " By Dj 6Rings

#asmallorange Lisa – A Small Orange – Stay Away – We moved to A Small Orange from our previous host after doing extensive research. Even though ASO was a bit more expensive than some other hosts, we went with them as they had great reviews and promise a “Homegrown Website Hosting” service with great support. Oh boy. This company, who is now a part of the huge EIG conglomerate, is a complete mess. We’ve had numerous issues with them. Here are just a couple of them:
– When we reported spam that we were getting from a 3rd party, they locked OUR account, without investigating who the abuser and who the victim was.
– The downtime is extremely frequent, and happens weekly.
– They will often block outgoing emails via SMTP, using MailChannels
– They deleted a bunch of files on our hosting, without letting us know. This was apparently due to a false positive by their updated malware scanner. They did not contact us to let us know that they had updated the scanner, or that any files were deleted. When this was reported to them, they took TWO WEEKS to get back to us, despite numerous emails.
– If you have issues with abuse or mail deliverability, live chat or regular support CAN NOT and WILL NOT help you. They will create a ticket and forward it to the abuse team, who does not work 24/7.
On top of all that, their tone and their approach is nonchalant and unapologetic. They really sound like they do not care about their customers, and it shows.
A Small Orange has been a huge disappointment, and hosting with them is simply not worth the hassle. We’ve had numerous hosts over the years, but A Small Orange takes the prize as one of the worst web hosts ever. Avoid.

Sneaker giveaway “Nike Dunk Low Orange Blaze ” By Dj 6Rings co-host of the YouTube shoe “What’s in your closet ” after 10,000 subscribers I will be giving away a a pair of Nike Dunk Low Orange Blaze to a fan of the show. All you have to do is leave a comment on this video and go subscribe to my Youtube channel
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    You seem dope will support you all the way

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    great video