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Social Media Recruiting: 5 FAST, FREE and FUN ideas to get started.
How to get started with Social Media Recruiting and Employer Branding in a fun and engaging way? In this episode you will hear about 5 ideas to get you and your team started?
1. Lottery to build teams and get your Social Media Pages up and running.
2. Video contest to product a nice video which you can share and repurpose. And, you can start building your audience for retargeting very efficiently.
3. Hosting a “socializing BBQ” to get in touch with people.
4. Happy Hour for getting comments, ratings and reviews.
5. Alternative awards for candidate referrals.

You can combine these ideas into a campaign. The elements support and leverage each other nicely. Or you can try out just the idea which works best for your team and recruitment priorities and brand.

Please leave a brief comment or just the number: Which one of these tactics will you try out first?

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