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Dishonest Company – Terribly Dishonest Company! Beware. I hosted with #Ipage for several months then determined I needed to switch hosting companies because they did not meet my particular needs. After switching all my domain names to a different hosting company, they continued for months to charge new and “renewing” domain services to those domain names they were not even hosting. Beware, once you have listed your credit card info, it is impossible to remove it unless you provide another valid credit card. They continued to charge my credit card for these services I did not agree to and couldn’t stop until my card expired. When confronted, they refuse to address the issue and only state they don’t provide refunds. Stay away from this company! They offer low rates to entrap you, but later indulge in the most dishonest business practices I have ever seen!! Sertala, UK Some Ideas on Create Your Website with VPS Hosting – iPage Web Hosting You Should Know ,Our material is reader-supported, which means that if you click on some of our links that we may earn a commission.

In some cases you require more power than an entry-level web hosting service can supply. If you’re seeking to take your organization online and wish to develop your website on a server that uses more power, stability, and flexibility than shared hosting, however you don’t wish to pay the higher cost of devoted hosting, VPS, or virtual personal server hosting, might be the best middle-of-the-road service tier for your organization.

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