Song A Day #397: COOP Theme Acoustic Style

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Jonathan Mann

  • Spintown7
    Posted at 06:10h, 04 February

    That's the sweetest song a nerd will ever hear. Thank you.

  • lebloc
    Posted at 08:32h, 04 February

    I sing along with the opening of Co-Op every episode. I can't help it.

  • Carol Hower
    Posted at 14:30h, 04 February

    see lots of Dylan influence here- yet totally original

  • Big Guy617
    Posted at 02:33h, 06 February

    Nice headband

  • Robin J Kavanagh
    Posted at 23:35h, 16 January

    anyone know what chords he's playing?

  • Shiroi Ryu
    Posted at 20:56h, 21 February

    @llamaassociation Sounds like D/Bm/A/G

  • Kyosume
    Posted at 05:49h, 12 March

    i really wish to learn to play this song.

  • Mike Levesque
    Posted at 15:52h, 31 January

    still lovely..  …    always down.  =>