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wow, my 35 days account was accessed by someone in year 2015 and 2014 – I have started writing my feedback on social sites. One of the worse service provider. #Ipage is worse service provider. my account is just 35 days old and I pay the fees by my virtual card which i created for internet payment. #Ipage did not accept so I did payment by my original card. Issue one: After payment, I got hosting account. I hosted my site and got help from #Ipage support as well to fix one small issue. After three days my account got suspended and everything was deleted. when I chat support tem, he was not even ready to understand the issue. I gave him everything, who created my account. After 3 hours continuous chat, he agreed that it is #Ipage mistake. in net 12 hours my site was up. It was worse exp. Issue Two: After 10 days, again my account was suspended and #Ipage said that there is malicious activity and virus in the files. I again fight with #Ipage and it was four hours long chat. I sent my files to McAfee and Symantec and they confirmed that there is no virus. LaVerne, Ontario, Canada,

Learn how to create your own website with iPage. You can avoid the 5 most common mistakes people make when starting an online internet business. Click the link and download our free Checklist

You won’t spend extra money on features you don’t need. Relax and remove any frustration with an outline in the form of a checklist that addresses all the major issues for getting started on how to build a website.

iPage is an excellent hosting provider for someone getting started.
Get an iPage account here

In the next video we’ll go through picking the way your website will look and feel. For more information and a free checklist go to our website.

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