Successful Shopify Brands – Gymshark: A Case Study

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At age 19, UK-teenager Ben Francis founded Gymshark out of his bedroom in his parents’ house because he wasn’t satisfied with the gym apparel he found online. Five years later his company was named the fastest-growing company in the UK with an estimated revenue of $340 million in 2019 alone.

How did he manage to build a massive cult-like following in a niche so crowded with the competition? Simply put: he utilized the power of social media and the digital age in general.

The start-up Ben managed with some of his friends started when he created a website selling branded gym apparel with their logo on it and in order to sustain the business during the hard beginnings he also worked as a pizza delivery guy in his hometown. After two months of the website being up and running, he got the first sale and immediately contacted his manufacturer in China to make sure everything is printed correctly and then sent out to the customer overseas – this business model is called Dropshipping and we’ve already mentioned it before. When starting out, money is often very tight so not having to store the products yourself makes it easy to concentrate all your efforts on marketing and growing your brand. This strategy paid off when he got a spot at the Body Power Expo 2013 in Birmingham for which he had to almost empty his bank account to secure his little stand at the fair – that’s what we call a real risk-taker but as you’ve already learned throughout this book: only those who are willing to fail will achieve great things!

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