Summer Holidays Are Here & Planning Summer Activities | Weekly Vlog | Shamsa

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Welcome to the first of my Summer 2019 weekly vlogs, where I share some Summer activities that we’ve planned!

I hope you enjoy watching 😀

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  • Shy 786
    Posted at 23:08h, 30 July

    How about lion king ? I’m sure your kiddies would love that 🙂

  • Farhat Choudhry
    Posted at 23:10h, 30 July

    O Shamsa !! You are so adorable !!! Love you and your vlogs and the happiness you bring !! Stay blessed Sis!! ♥️♥️

  • Vlogs by Ikki
    Posted at 23:14h, 30 July

    Ma Sha Allah lovely vlog as always! 😍😍 Im watching New episodes of New Amsterdam drama series on Amazon prime and totally hooked to it. 💕 💕

  • bublegum pink
    Posted at 23:18h, 30 July

    Skin looks really lovely…

  • sana husain
    Posted at 23:21h, 30 July

    Get a dish washer honestly am mother 7 an it’s a life saver never going back to standing hours at the sink saves on water gas bill an electric had to get hubby to break a cupboard 🤪

  • Caren Mckie
    Posted at 23:26h, 30 July

    I'm going to Blackpool on the 19th Aug for few days I hope it's not to packed but it's always great for family's

  • sana husain
    Posted at 23:40h, 30 July

    Love this lady simple sweet an super lady !

  • Kim Thomas
    Posted at 23:53h, 30 July

    I live in Pittsburgh and the tree leaves in my yard have started to fall. So summer should be ending soon here

  • Aisha Salim
    Posted at 00:04h, 31 July

    Asalamualaykum shemsa hope u are well just wanna say you looked nice ma shaa Allah .you looks so beautiful they say you having girl 😀 I pray your dream come true having another girl

  • rosey saz
    Posted at 00:18h, 31 July

    Love your positivity ❤❤❤

  • Victoria Feasey
    Posted at 01:06h, 31 July

    Salamualaykum sister hope all is going well with pregnancy 🤰 make sure u get some rest in between looking after ur five kids and husband remember u have a baby in ur tummy mashallah keep u and ur family in my dua ps ur not fat love u

  • Awale Nuro
    Posted at 01:34h, 31 July

    Masha Allah xafidu Allah all of us. The baby is a boy or a girl??

  • margaret o leary
    Posted at 02:07h, 31 July

    when my kids were young and i had no car in summer i brought them on picnics,they ran around rolled over had fresh air and were starving then they ate all the food were tired when i brought them its all a gimmick,money for everything when they have a holiday from school,that is a holiday for them i let them stay up abit later to watch some movies have some snacks,put on some music they danced silly lol but had fun the odd time a trip to the shops.even to stay in a caravan is not relaxing you still pay and pay for food then have to make it its more relaxing at home and as your pregnant not relaxing for you to be cooped up in a caravan,id rather go camping and bring duvets for a mattress,people seem to want to throw away money they dont have not thinking school will be back and xmas and winter bills etc.allways home is the best go out and come cinema goes i would rather buy the dvd let them watch it in home go to comfy beds afterwards boys love there food and sleep,i had 5 boys and 1 girl all grown now and there very independant..mags

  • Sy Sy
    Posted at 02:39h, 31 July

    Girrrl if u aint watched money heist, u don’t know what ur missing out on ! Rest up hun . Lots of love n duas as always 💕

  • Raheela Hussain
    Posted at 04:11h, 31 July

    Excited for the gender reveal. ❤️

  • Artesia Orelus
    Posted at 04:38h, 31 July

    Great video as always

  • Alia
    Posted at 05:37h, 31 July

    Currently at a caravan park and we absolutely love caravan holiday affordable for big families n so much to do everyday x

  • Simply Hooyo
    Posted at 05:44h, 31 July

    Masha Allah great video 💕

  • Raya Sellam
    Posted at 06:28h, 31 July

    Hi Shamsa,
    Like your video's. You keep it real 😙
    I am going to Morocco to celebrate Eid al Adha with family. ☺

  • aswfif
    Posted at 06:50h, 31 July

    My kids are starting school after summer break lol

  • m patil m.patil
    Posted at 06:52h, 31 July

    Good ideas

  • Rosina Rashid
    Posted at 06:55h, 31 July

    Secret obsession
    Breaking bad

  • Albee's catering house
    Posted at 06:55h, 31 July

    Assalamo alikum my dear thank's for sharing your beautiful videos very nice.

  • Mariya Javed
    Posted at 06:58h, 31 July

    Assalmualaikum sister. Ive just found your vlogging channel and lm loving it. Im a revert. X

  • Isabel / Amina Best
    Posted at 07:00h, 31 July

    Hello sister have u heard of Monkey life which is on pick on a sunday its fantastic. Its in Dorset that could be somewhere to go
    I been and it was real fun

  • Amber C
    Posted at 07:02h, 31 July

    Aslaam o alaikum sis
    We are going spain on sat…first family holiday on a plane. I have a 7 year old girl and 3 year old son. Kind of excited. Xx

  • Dara Suresh
    Posted at 07:17h, 31 July

    I like u so much madam. Ur postings are very nice

  • Amber C
    Posted at 07:23h, 31 July

    How about taking your kids to trampoline park??

  • MrMrsboo
    Posted at 07:27h, 31 July

    My first holiday day out with the kids will be food shopping, also free days out with a cheap treat afterwards (gotta pay dem bills!) I love Blackpool too! 😂 living the dream xxx

  • del shahid
    Posted at 08:30h, 31 July

    great vlog Shamsa as always, just want clarification on this…you have 5 kids and a toddler? is the toddler Aqeel😍😂

  • Shazana Kauser
    Posted at 08:45h, 31 July

    Went to Devon lovely sights there's the babacombe village really good

  • love connection Rachel
    Posted at 09:21h, 31 July

    Could you or one of your lovely subscribers give me the recipe for some easy roti/chapati that I can make, and any tips mine always go wrong 🙁 great vlog shams looking well x

  • Jahanara Begum
    Posted at 09:21h, 31 July

    Shamsa, you’re soo funny. You literally had me LOL. I think the reason why I found it funny was because I can relate with your activities struggle. I have children aged 16,14,12 and 9. The teenagers have become so boring where parks and things don’t appeal to them anymore. I miss the good old days when even the corner shop was like an exciting trip!🤣

  • Singatsho Ncube
    Posted at 09:49h, 31 July

    Aaaaaaah thanx my love , your vedios makes laugh until my ribs are painful u r good at making us laugh , pliz give us more recipes so that we can follow them , l have a lovely recipe of rice and kidney bean with peppers and magic cubes so nice you don't even need meat with , my niece taught me how to do it if l find the book l wrote it l will share with u sister shamsa, u r such wonderful person insallah lol byeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Singatsho Ncube
    Posted at 09:56h, 31 July

    Hi sister shamsa today l feel very tired my body is a bit tired , but soon as l watched yo vedios l start laughing , and l felt a little bit better , keep making us laugh , be blessed my dearest sister

  • Tara Clerkin
    Posted at 10:52h, 31 July

    I love your vlogs so much, they are so chill and relaxing

  • Zara Shibli
    Posted at 11:06h, 31 July

    Wow I never expected to hear you watch Jane the virgin. Haha it is my favourite show 😀 I will also be sad it's ending this week 😞

  • Zara Shibli
    Posted at 11:14h, 31 July

    A trip to Liverpool perhaps?

  • Abreshmi
    Posted at 12:07h, 31 July

    Love your channel! Your levels of productivity are so inspiring mashallah

  • Tina s
    Posted at 12:13h, 31 July

    Hi Shamsa really enjoy your vlogs you are very funny and very real.I think your children are very lucky to have such a happy and engaging mum.Best wishes from Sydney Australia😊🐨

  • sultana miah
    Posted at 12:50h, 31 July

    Blackpool is a must in the summer holidays. I've still yet to think about where else to go, maybe Tropical World in Leeds and Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

  • Jola
    Posted at 14:24h, 31 July

    Hi Shamsa it’s so good to see you ❤️❤️hope your kids and you and you hubby are well … I enjoy Netflix as well but only watching the tv shows not films(I prefer them )😌 I would recommend Orange is the new black(crime series)Pretty Little Liars(also crime about teens),Schitt’s Creek(great comedy for family) and my favourite one, number one MONEY HEIST❤️ Xxx

  • Tubassum Asghar
    Posted at 14:46h, 31 July

    Thanq for this video holidays are 3rd week in and we hav not done much at all going ever so fast. Ur idas r gr8!