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Foreign company disguised as a legitimate hosting company more like an intrusive spying operation. – This is by far the worst experience of my life. After 5 years with this company. I finally realized that every few months they would crash my websites with some reason or another and demand an upsell too fix the problem. Customer support tries and the admin department is where the real problem lies. Management sucks even worse and if you value your business stay away and buy your own server. KELLY JIMINEZ

HostGator, world’s favourite web hosting brand since 2002, just got a makeover! Check out the all new logo and Snappy at

Watch the video to find out more about our history and the change.

Snappy, the customer, the employee, the company, the support channel, the product, the mascot became more laser focused in 2019 to represent the face of HostGator.

About HostGator
HostGator (website link), a global provider of fast powerful and reliable web hosting solution, was founded in 2002. HostGator has grown over the years into a leading provider of Shared, Reseller, VPS, and Dedicated web hosting. HBeing headquartered in Houston and Austin, Texas, HostGator has expanded its reach with several international offices throughout the globe including Mumbai and Bangalore.

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