The Black Struggle in Technology

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In this video I provide commentary on an article released by The Atlantic titled, “The Black Struggle for Technology Jobs.” I have wanted to talk about Blacks in the Technology field for quite some time, but this article gave me the perfect angle to piggyback on about the topic.

The struggle may be real, but in my honest opinion, it does not have to be. Not just black people, but people period have wayyyyyy too many resources and avenues to create the best possible situation for themselves and their families.

Okay. So what if Blacks have to work twice as hard? It’s a cross to bear, but despite, I think it will build character and make African Americans a lot tougher for it in the end.

While there are articles that exist seeming as professional complaints, truth be told the reason we are under represented is partially a fault of our own. With the present liberties we do have, our career choices always sway to the side of some form of entertainment: rapping, singing, acting, dancing.

I guess the more things change, the more they really do stay the same. Bojangles is probably thrilled for how his work has left a legacy.

****I am not the original author of the commented on article******
For full article, see it here:
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