The Buzz on iPage: Domains & Hosting at Affordable Prices

The definition of a bait and switch company – Although #Ipage offers great rates to start off with, their renewal rates are among the highest in the industry. And just try and get a refund when they take your money! Case in point: My initial website was a great rate of $24. Then the renewal came (without my knowledge, by the way) and it was a whopping $394.20! Seriously? Also, I was extremely limited in my uploads to my website (files always had to be less than 5MB in size). I made due since it was used for a school class. Their billing department was rather rude to deal with when it came time to ask for my money back. All I can say is buyer beware. RLott , North Carolina, The Buzz on iPage: Domains & Hosting at Affordable Prices ,

Like lots of hosting companies, its released pricing is a bit deceptive. You’re not getting hosting for $2. 96/mo unless you pay $71 for two years of service. Renewals are typically at a greater rate, although a sales representative we talked to advised you request for a “loyalty discount rate.” It should not come as any surprise that, like other webhosting suppliers, A2 Hosting’s limitless plans aren’t really unlimited.

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