The Gastro Guru @ Home – A Whole Lotta Wontons

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Jeremy Parsons is a culinary mixologist and host of the upcoming Amazon Prime series The Gastro Guru. His life’s mission is to serve up inspired cocktails and canapés. He loves to bring global food and international drinks home with smart, easy and approachable recipes.

This time he turns his attention east with a trio of wontons and a duo of cocktails, all Asian-inspired.

Wontons are a type of dumpling with a filling, and so they’re a great way to utilize leftover proteins. Jeremy shows you how to make two types of boiled wontons and a fried one, to maximum your options and taste.

He also teaches you about infusion, showing a dried infusion cocktail and a wet infusion cocktail. Both are alcohol versions with Asian-twist of a classic Palmer. Now that’s bringing cultures and creativity together.

Here are the recipes.

Dumplings And Ponzu Sauce

Makes 45-50 Wontons

1 package of small square wonton wrappers
5 Black Tiger Shrimp (16-22 count)
4 oz. Pork tenderloin Grilled
4 oz. Salmon grilled
24 Thai Basil leaves torn in half
¾ Cup Mushrooms chopped (or any kind you like)
1 Cup Leek ends (chopped)
½ Heirloom Carrot finely shredded
A handful of pea shoots
Tabasco Hot and Sweet sauce
Maple Syrup

For sautéing Veggies
1/2 Cup Vegetable stock (low sodium)
4 tbsp Soy Sauce
4 tbsp Garlic Rice Wine
3 tbsp Sesame Oil

Ponzu Sauce
1 cup Soy Sauce
½ Lime juiced
½ Orange juiced
¼ Lemon juiced
2 tbsp Maple Syrup/honey or Agave syrup
1 tbsp Rice Wine Vinegar

Directions for Sauce:
Mix all ingredients well in a bowl and pour into a small non-stick pan. Reduce by half on medium lo and reserve.

Directions for Wontons
Sauté leeks and mushrooms with stock, soy sauce, rice wine and sesame oil. until the liquid is almost all cooked off (10 minutes). Once done place in a bowl and cool in freezer (about 10 min). Cut shrimp into small pieces – 3 pieces per shrimp and cut the salmon or whatever meat you are using in bite size pieces. Arrange wonton wrappers on a cutting board while keeping them moist by dampening the cutting board and keeping hands moist. Place ingredients in the following order in the center of the wonton – Thai basil, meat, mushroom/leek mixture and then the topper. Fors shrimp use shreded carrot; Salmon use peashoots and Tabasco Sweet and Spicy. Lastly for the Pork pour some maple syrup or honey on top. Pinch opposite corners of each square. Next pinch the other two opposite corners to make a purse. Pinch outside corners and make sure the dough is completely folded and all holes are closed Set aside on a parchment paper lined plate until ready to cook. To Boil the wontons drop them into the boiling water with a bit of oil and turn them quickly. Remove after about 7-9 seconds and reserve on a parchment lined surface so the wontons do not stick. Turn them ever so often so the sides don’t get mushy. To fry using vegetable oil in a deep pout. Get the oil hot but not smoking and drop the wontons into the oil very carefully so as not to splash. Let them cook and turning them often for about 30 seconds or desired crunchiness.


Duo of Infused Palmers
2 oz. of Mixed Berry Tea Infused Junmai Ginjo Sake or your Boodles Gin Strawberry Hot Pepper Infusion
3 oz. Double Dutch Lemon Tonic or any sparkling or flat lemonade
3 oz. Green Iced Tea or any kind of sweetened Iced Tea

Combine ingredients over ice and stir. Serve with an orange slice

Sake Infusion
2 300ml Bottles of Sake (your favorite)
1 cup loose Mixed Berry tea or the equivalent in bags

Allow ingredients to steep at room temperature in a French press. Depress the plunger and place in fridge until ready to consume

Gin Infusion
1 Bottle of Dry Gin
4 sliced Strawberries
5 Shishito peppers (ends removed)

Allow to infuse on the bottles side for 2 days at room temperature and out of the sun. Strain into a different vessel to remove the fruit and peppers. Store in fridge until ready to use.

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