The Grueling Task of Making Transparent Sticker Animations in 2020 | by kristoffe

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Giphy stickers are fun, or they can be, as long as you’re not trying to make really awkward video acting into “fun” accidentally white outlined gifs. Cheap freeware or older software didn’t know how to fix the white alpha edge problem or you chose a color until photoshop and other programs sort of tweaked it with some gif updates.

Now, giphy would love you to make some 256×256 gifs, 1024×1024 etc is pretty damn big, but you can get away with it. The steps from video, and god forbid chroma (green / blue screen) are insane. Freeware and paidware can both accomplish it without too much of a burden. But, if you’re like my friend who used a white background with a vignette looking edge to the white… well, clothing and everything will pickup that white and yellowish background on everything and normal keying without AI not do it.

These steps including hand exporting psd layers from the after effects timeline and learning multiple layered fixes in photoshop will help. It just seems awfully heavy handed to even bother doing this, but as a fun assignment, why not. It is very long, so feel free to jump around to things that might help or not. I’ll make an index later.

CSS and PHP/HTML here so you can test your stuff as easily… (just modify the $gif name and voila). right click and save the files you see in there into a folder for your own apache server on win/mac/linux and or upload to a shared server like ipower or ipage to see the magic. Apache server is easy enough to install. I make tutorials on that as well for win10 VS15 compiles.

Kristoffe Brodeur

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