The Salesforce Alumni Story: The Power of Alumni Engagement, Networking, and Connection

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James Sinclair of EnterpriseAlumni invites you to join this 1hr webinar with panelist Theresa Ludvigson a 14-year veteran at Salesforce and currently Vice President, Global Onboarding and Loyalty Programs and Mira Pitkin, Director, Employee Recruiting at Salesforce.

James, Theresa and Mira will discuss how Salesforce approached building, launching and the programming of their Alumni Community.

The conversation will cover five main themes:

– Why Salesforce felt Alumni was a critical component of the employee experience and how the business case was made for the investment into the program. How this ties into the overall culture of the organization?

– How Salesforce approach Alumni Engagement across the global and diverse community?

– What does Salesforce expect from this relationship, either directly (measured) or indirectly, and Salesforce defines the Alumni program as a “success”?

– How has Salesforce communicated the Alumni Program internally so employees don’t learn about the Alumni Program only on departure?

– How has Salesforce approached gathering support / stakeholders and other teams to buy in and be part of the program to increase the scope of offerings and values to Alumni?

Theresa oversees all elements of global new hire onboarding, employee loyalty programs, and the alumni network for one of Fortune’s “World’s Most Admired Companies and Top 100 Best Place to Work” and one of Forbes’ “World’s Most Innovative Companies.”

Her team of employee-focused culture champions ensures every new employee is set up for success and warmly welcomed into the company. With the organization’s own technology, the team has transformed the talent experience from new employee onboarding to alumni status, touching the full employee lifecycle.

Her mission is to accelerate productivity while delivering equipped, engaged and inspired employees to become the next generation of culture ambassadors while at Salesforce and beyond. Prior to this role, Theresa has held positions at Salesforce in Talent Development, Sales Effectiveness, Customer Marketing, and Sales.

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