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#bluehost Misleads You. I was with #bluehost for a few months. I set up an account, along with the Certificate, that certifies your website virus free, and uploaded my site. Within a month, I received an email, saying my account/domain had been suspended for a Terms of Use violation, and contact them within 15 days I contacted support, and they said it was in fact not a TOS Violation, but a chargeback. I tried logging in to my account, after is was suspended, because on support they told me, to log into my account, to renew it, and it wouldn’t let me log in. So scratch that. 2 weeks ago, I received an email, saying the chargeback is complete, and another email to contact them/log into my account, renew my account, or it will be deleted in 5 days. My tip is, if you ever get an email, saying your account/domain was suspended for a TOS Violation, contact them, cause the email is lying. I’m now with a host in the BETA Stage of hosting. Great support, and .tk domains. Don’t believe #bluehost emails! They lie!


Tips For Newbie Bloggers

I have been blogging for a lengthy time (5 Years), I’m not sure if that’s a long or short time in blog-land, but I’ll take it. I have undoubtedly formed a slew of errors (perhaps I should make a post about all the website mistakes that I made) and I’ve learned a lot.

Recently I’ve been receiving many emails asking for blog tips. I’m going to imagine work-desk-1205159_1280 that a lot of it’s because many believe that they’ll get loaded blogging, but I’ll save that for a whole post in the future. I’ll undoubtedly say that I don’t comprehend everything and that I’m not an expert.

Fortunately, I blog for me and I’m fine with making mistakes. I shall try to discuss with you, my suggestions, today, and hopefully, no one jokes since obviously, I’m not the most professional blogger. Only trying to make sure it stays real and be fair with everyone!

This is going to be a multiple show post, so keep an eye out for a Component 2 sometime in the foreseeable future. ‘d post will mainly be some errors that may bother me, and about the fundamental of having a website, now.

All depends upon your path and will be further explained in the future.

In the event that you are interested in starting a blog, I created an easy-to-use tutorial which will help you start a site of your own for cheap, starting at only $3.49 per month (this low price is through my link only) for site hosting. In addition to the low pricing, you may get a free blog domain (a $15 value) through my Bluehost link if you buy at least 12 months of website hosting. FYI, you desire/desire to be self-hosted for freelancing intentions if your site is used or in the event, you like to make money blogging.

Be Yourself
When starting your blog, be yourself! Don’t try to fake you’re someone else. I really like reading real websites where I can tell who the writer is merely by reading what they’ve written. No one wants to read dull, dull posts, inject your personality all in them! Have fun with it and decide why you really need to blog.

Have an About page

Something that I ‘m now working on is improving my About page. I personally chiefly enjoy reading blogs with an enjoyable or interesting view that is personal. Corporate blogs and blah blah blah don’t really interest me as much (nothing wrong with them, everyone appreciates different things). I like to read about the writer and see where he or she is coming from. Having an About page lets me learn more about you, all in one simple page. You can have a graphic, a bio about yourself, and maybe your life even further and also links to other posts which will describe you.

Reply to Comments

Something that I consistently get major effort towards is constantly making certain to answer to comments. Sometimes the opinions are only a “ thanks but I really appreciate understanding an author has actually read the opinion that I’ve left. When I leave a comment on a website which has a question, I LOVE, and also the writer will answer it. I almost always go back to blogs that I remark on to see what was written back. Socializing with readers is consistently significant.

Make it Easy to Subscribe

I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve gone to a website and they’ve made it literally impossible for me to subscribe. Either none of the links work, or there aren’t any links completely. No links for email, Twitter, Facebook, Subscribing, etc? AHHHH. Please make it easier for subscribers to subscribe! We want to be able to locate you more easily later on.

Make Friends

I have made many friends through my site, and a good deal of you I talk to almost each and every day. I really cannot say enough about making blogger pals. Of course be yourself, and don’t compel a relationship to happen! That’s just uncomfortable ?

Link Your Posts To Social Networks

I’ve been to a handful of blogs where when you click the tweet button, the person’s twitter handle will not show up. Mind this! Make it simpler for individuals to show recognition to you. This really is something which I didn’t do for quite a long time until a few other bloggers told me that I was making life too problematic for them (joking of course).

Have Fun!

Yes, distinct individuals take up a site for unique reasons. But should you do determine to begin one, have fun with it! I think that the best sites out there are by writers who are having fun with it. I appreciate having a site, plus it has turned into a great hobby, but also a side hustle machine.

What blogging hints do you have for beginners? What do you really wish you understood?

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