Transfer Domain From Bluehost To Squarespace, Gandi Or Another Registrar Made Easy: 15 Steps

I do not recommend. I had a very bad experience with #bluehost. Very nice environment and nice support, but if you have a bit more traffic or database activity, they will kick you out as they did it with me. Does not matter if you are “green” in all meters they are presenting you in the control panel. I was forced to migrate my website after get the “get out” message and it took me more than a week to put my website back online.

How to transfer domain from Bluehost? – summary
1. Open BlueHost, go to Domains and Transfer
2. Enter URL of BlueHost domain to transfer
3. Select the domain to transfer in domain manager
4. Unlock domain transfer and copy EPP code
5. Go to transfer domain at your new registrar
6. Enter domain name and select domain renewal
7. Proceed with checkout and domain contacts check
8. Enter authorization transfer code during checkout
9. Proceed with domain renewal payment
10. Validate contracts to continue to payment
11. Pay for domain renewal with your favorite method
12. Validate payment with your bank
13. Wait for domain renewal order confirmation
14. Finalize order and check domain status
15. Check domain transfer status and wait for completion!
Full Walkthrough:
BlueHost hosting: intextlnk- registrar: intextldf-

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