Understanding HostGator Pricing | How It Works (Including Coupon Code For HostGator)

Rippers and don’t care about hacks or anything. – Got my sites hacked multiple times and they dont respond at all. They removed email support and so you need to connect with them in chat for 2-3 hours and there is no guarantee. If your site is hacked due to their poor server, you need to commit for extra monthly subscriptions. Terrible Company!

Confused by HostGator Pricing? Learn how it works & get a coupon code for HostGator to get the best deal on your hosting

GET STARTED at the HostGator Pricing Page: https://bit.ly/HostGator_Pricing
Use this coupon code at checkout: webpresence60

NOTE: Depending on what plan structure you want, it may make sense to NOT use the coupon code above. To get you the best possible price, I’ll show (in the video) when to use it, and when not to.

In this video, you’ll learn:
► How much you’ll pay for your HostGator hosting plan (AND WHEN)
► How the monthly hosting plans work vs annual hosting plans
► How to save the MOST amount of MONEY on either plan (hint: you may not always want to use a coupon code for HostGator)
► How to find the best hosting plan and pricing structure FOR YOU
► How to possibly save even more when it comes to HostGator Renewal Pricing
► I’ll break things down with a HostGator pricing chart so you can see which HostGator Coupon works best – depending on the amount of time you want to commit to.

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(Jump to specific parts of this video):

1:14 How to find coupon code for HostGator and link to HostGator page
4:05 How HostGator Pricing works. Do you pay monthly? Annually?
5:27 Answer this: What works best FOR YOU right now?
6:01 A word of caution about WHO can use coupons for HostGator
6:42 Getting YOUR best price on HostGator hosting
7:32 HostGator’s ‘pre-selected’ hosting addons
8:54 Entering your HostGator coupon code at checkout
10:17 HostGator pricing plans comparison with different coupon codes
10:57 Possible greater savings for shorter hosting plans
11:23 HostGator Renewal Pricing (how to possibly save even more)
12:05 Automatic renewal structure
13:20 Summary


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Want some information on HostGator’s 45 Day Money Back Guarantee?

Why do I use a separate domain name registrar and web hosting company?:

If at the end of your term (or whenever you want) you decide to cancel your hosting, this is how you do that:


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Tru Lift Digital Marketing

  • Tru Lift Digital Marketing
    Posted at 16:59h, 07 May

    Looking for the best possible price on your hosting with HostGator? I've got some tips you'll want to check out to reduce your hosting costs and help you possibly save some money on your renewal. Check out COUPON CODE: webpresence60

    that you can use to save some money.

    In the video I'll share with you when it is best to use it… or possibly not.

  • Carob
    Posted at 18:03h, 16 June

    Good stuff except for the word "basically", used 368 times. Nice word, but you can get fed up even with Beethoven´s 3rd.