UNDISPUTED: Skip and Shannon reacts to Survey lists Cowboys fan as NFL's biggest complainers

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UNDISPUTED: Skip and Shannon reacts to Survey lists Cowboys fan as NFL’s biggest complainers

UNDISPUTED: Skip and Shannon

  • UNDISPUTED: Skip and Shannon
    Posted at 17:06h, 09 December

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  • James Sharp
    Posted at 21:34h, 09 December

    As a Cowboys fan, I partially believe this survey.

  • The reality people Dont have many friends
    Posted at 21:46h, 09 December

    Skip..your right!!! Desmen caught it

  • J-real
    Posted at 21:49h, 09 December

    But Dez did catch it. Ijs

  • Bruce S
    Posted at 21:50h, 09 December

    Just so happens the Cowboys are the most cheated by the refs

  • Ant Wii
    Posted at 21:52h, 09 December

    I would say philly if any team in philly ain’t performing no matter the sport your gonna hear about it lol

  • Nick Bosworth
    Posted at 21:58h, 09 December

    Ive been a cowboys fan my entire life and i never thought we were going to the superbowl…but dez caught it

  • NPM from the 330
    Posted at 21:59h, 09 December


  • saucygyro
    Posted at 22:06h, 09 December

    You’re not clutch skip Lmaoooo

  • Icekangaroo93
    Posted at 22:10h, 09 December
  • Icekangaroo93
    Posted at 22:11h, 09 December

    What is happening with the editing?!?!?

  • Beautiful Life
    Posted at 22:22h, 09 December

    I think they should change the name of this show to Cowboys Daily.
    There are other teams in the NFL Skip!

  • Lee Jizzle
    Posted at 22:30h, 09 December

    Every team says we have to beat the refs and the team

  • Bruce S
    Posted at 23:00h, 09 December


  • M Hightower
    Posted at 23:06h, 09 December

    this video aged so well because right on cue Mike McCarthy guarantees a win against Washington. smh. Get out of the way Jerry and McCarthy!!

  • Gene Russell
    Posted at 23:58h, 09 December

    Dallas Hype-boys

  • John Capo
    Posted at 00:17h, 10 December


  • Rome Mitchell
    Posted at 01:11h, 10 December

    If TB12 retired today he wouldn’t lose any credibility at all. One thing you can not fight is time. Time will always win.

  • Pureblood Steve Tungate
    Posted at 03:53h, 10 December

    Well when you have a fan base 20x larger than the other top 5 teams COMBINED of course you're going to have the most complainers.

  • Anoop Panyam
    Posted at 07:25h, 10 December

    Boo boo cry me a fucking river. We skins fan have to deal with Dan Snyder

  • lukey1210
    Posted at 12:16h, 10 December

    Most deluded if they think the Jones’s will get them to a Super Bowl bengals got more chance

  • cvn81
    Posted at 13:01h, 10 December

    Skip told Shannon he couldn’t hit a 6 foot put because he doesn’t play golf, and he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, yet Skip tells everybody he knows football, a sport he’s never played.

  • 70Grande
    Posted at 17:08h, 11 December

    This survey sucks! It's arbitrary and has no standards. Who is asking these questions!? Probably an Eagles fan who hates on the Cowboys fan! This is terrible!! Cowboys fans are not whiners!!🤪

  • Brandon Dillman
    Posted at 06:57h, 12 December

    Cowboys fans are really annoying, but Eagles fans are much worse. They're all assholes. Every one of em. I once saw an Eagles fan show up to a Skins Cowboys game just to talk shit about both teams. I'd never been so happy to see somebody get punched square in the mouth. Big ol Cowboys fan in a 3XL Romo jersey laid his ass out. haha