Unite Planet Highlight taken from 'The Great Corona Swindle – With Andrew Johnson' No6

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Unite Planet

  • AnneBeck58
    Posted at 19:30h, 10 May

    I do so wish people would GET IT.
    AM going to put together more video, of the empty medical centers, and their asinine signs, placards, telling people how to stand, where to line up, to maintain their absolutely oxymoronic, "social distancing", at hospitals, where people are not coming in and NOT allowed in (to visit) in months. It is SOOOO incredibly dumb, I honestly cannot see how anyone that makes his or her own way in this world, could even believe word-one of it. I am blown away by the sheer and utter stupidity!
    It's mind-numbing. This stuff is excellent. (I may use some of it, by reading it myself, as my background audio, for the medical videos.)

  • AnneBeck58
    Posted at 19:33h, 10 May

    Btw; too many coppers.., not enough crime. And, with everyone at home, they hardly have people on whom to pin their (usual) made-up crimes.
    So, they are stuck with parking violations.
    What a WHirrled!