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Being Ripped Off by #IPAGE… – Good: Nothing good. Bad: After 1 year, I dont want to continue anymore. When I saw the full year charge of 299.79 on my credit statement, I called #Ipage‘s customer service and the agent agreed to pay me back the full amount. I also disputed the charge on my credit card. However, the refund didnt show up on my next statement. I called again. Then next statement didnt have it, neither the following one. Finally I called credit card to have a 3-way call with #Ipage. #Ipage actually challenged the dispute and took the money back. I finally realized that they have a statement in the contract that once the charge is placed, there is no way to get refund after the date of charge. I feel like being cheated by their customer service. If the statement were there before, why they kept telling me they will give me full refund? So don‘t trust anything they say like “cancel anytime if you are not satisfied”. Now #Ipage is holding my money for next 10 months without providing services….R.I.P… Murray Price, UK, murray@indigomarmoset.co.uk


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