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Blackmailed by #hostgator & Sitelock – I have used #hostgator for at least 15 years & was a reseller for many years. When I started my current job I convinced my company to move all of it’s hosting to #hostgator because my past experiences were so good. We have 2 #hostgator accounts now. One has many small domains on it. We have never had any problems until recently. Several months ago, I began getting emails to the smaller account only telling me that our web sites were compromised and we should buy Sitelock because if something happens to our sites, they will shut them down. I ignored them. It got to a point where we got several emails a day, and then phone calls. We asked it to stop, it didn’t. I sent a complaint to #hostgator customer support and went back and forth with them. 24 hours later, all the sites were infected with Malware. They’ve blocked access to the sites so I cannot remove it. But I CAN pay Sitelock to remove it. We’ll just lose 12 different web sites and start fresh elsewhere. Kuldeep, Delhi

Hostgator is a site for Webhosting, buying domains and setting up a MYSQL database or free WordPress installation. In this video, I will show you how to upload your files to your webhost using the free FTP application CyberDuck. Note, that you can absolutely use any host (Hostgator, Bluehost, MediaTemple, etc) or any FTP client (CyberDuck, Transmit, etc), but that I’m showing you these tools because they work great, and keep the costs down.

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    Thank you for this video, it was really helpful