Valkyrie Connect – False Black Dragon Acnologia Raid

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This is what I been running in the raid. Pretty stronk eh?
Auto is the way of life. Especially in raid.
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Tip For Newer Players or Artifactless Players – If you need raid materials for artifacts, just host and if you can, try hosting using the Damage Boost Level 3 and Loot Boost level 3 so that more people are likely to join and you get more out of your runs.
The minimum that you should do is at least host with max damage and if possible level 1 loot boost.

Be sure to craft these artifacts because there is a chance this is the last time they will appear! They are very strong and nice to have, especially for those that need Stoneskin opener without Sortishia, the Acno Armor is very nice to have!

To increase damage try to use heroes with Slayer Skills like Beastkiller and Airslay. Some budget hero options are Hodr and Sonia, however, remember that this raid is mostly weak to light so be sure to check if any of your light hero options have a bonus to beast and airborne enemies!

Still have a couple more days to farm this collab before it goes away so I wish you all luck on summons and a nice time farming!


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    Posted at 12:33h, 25 April