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I use to recommend HG to everyone, Now id only recommend them to my enemy or competitor – Douchebags….. they blamed my php script for server error 500, was running 2 months, then error log showed PDO errors, i showed them, but the would not fix this in whm, and instead blamed my site, and then said your site works now, i noticed errors and asked what they did…. They deleted all the htaccess files. i was fuming, then the site died and they couldnt even ping for 2 hours. i asked they resetup another vps from fresh…. 1 min later im passed to another member saying we have cancelled your account and your receive prorata refund…. i asked for fix not refund, spoke to billing, they said its all processed now. I asked why no fix, they said as i used a 80% off voucher, they were not going to convince me to stay, nor do the work to fix as its not worth what i paid…. Im still trying to get full refund from general manager Steven, but its been 4 days and no response. got to wait 2 years for my other server to finish, so i can migrate that away from these idiots. MmM5, Portland, OR

👉 http://bit.ly/hospedagem-compartilhada-hostgator
Voltei e estou muito contente de estar aqui novamente, juro pra vocês que pensei em desistir mais de uma vez mas agora estou muito confiante de que tudo vai dar certo, e que chegaremos aos 10k, conto muito com a ajuda de vocês 👊, me segue também lá nas redes sociais os links estão aqui em baixo.👇👇👇

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