Wavetable Synthesis w/ Live 10, Serum, Zebra2, Massive X & Expanse – SOUND DESIGN SESSIONS – S1:E4

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In this episode, I will cover wavetable synthesis. What does it mean? And how do you go about doing it in various popular wavetable synthesizers? I will show some techniques I use in Ableton Live 10 using the new Wavetable native synth, Xfer Records’ Serum, U-he Zebra2, Native Instruments Massive X, and Expanse Hyperwave Synthesizer by Blamsoft which is a Reason Studios rack extension.

0:27 – Ableton Live’s Wavetable
5:45 – Xfer Records’ Serum
11:48 – U-he Zebra2
14:52 – NI Massive X
17:13 – Reason Studios’ Europa
19:26 – Expanse Hyperwave Synthesizer by Blamsoft

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